Fidem was established to provide Investment Banking services, Multi-asset Investment Solutions and Industrial Partnerships tailored to both Chinese/HK and European companies and investors.


Fidem has long-running unique Governmental/SOE and Institutional Investor relationships in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and holds the key to open access to relevant high level decision makers.

Fidem's Keys To Success

Highest Level of Relations

Chinese Society on all levels builds on collective networks, consisting of family, clans and friends. Trust is interpersonal in Chinese business networks, and takes time and energy to build and maintain.

We provide our select partners and clients with this trust, offering them the Golden Keys.

One Boat Solutions

Chinese culture is highly competitive – and very complex to navigate. However, creating success is about creating mutual trust, building lasting friendships and appreciating the uniqueness of Chinese culture.

We always strive to build real One Boat Solutions – assuring that all benefit from One Common Goal.

Appreciative Understanding

Understanding China, its history, culture and plans for the future is instrumental to make good business decisions. It is important to appreciate that Chinese society is hierarchical, and to navigate accordingly.

We offer our clients this cultural understanding, and how to make it your competitive advantage.